Panama Maritime Services

  1. Promotion for Captains and First Bridge Officers  of ships of 500 gross  tonnage or more  (Management Level) / Upgrading Course for Master and Chief Mate  on Ships of 500 Gross Tonnage or more (Management Level).
  2. Promotion for Chief Engineers  and First Officers of Ship Machines  whose main propulsion  machine  has a power equal to or greater than 3000Kw (management level) / Upgrading course for Chief Engineer and Second Engineer Officer (First Engineer Officer) on Ship of Propulsive Power more then 3000 Kw (Management  Level)
  3. Training in  Crowd Control in   Passenger Ships / Passenger Ship Crowd Management Training.
  4. Training in Emergency Management  and Human Behavior in  Passenger Ships / Passenger ship Crisis Management and Human Behavior Training.
  5. Safety training  for Safety training for personnel  providing direct service to passengers in passengers spaces.
  6. Training for seafarers with designated security duties
  7. Bridge Resource Management 
  8. Leadership and   Teamwork
  9. Sailor who is part of the Guard in a machine chamber with permanent equipment or designated to perform duties in an engine chamber without permanent equipment / Ratings Forming Part of an Engineering Watch.
  10. General Operator certificate for GMDSS
  11. Fire Prevention and Fire Prevention fighting
  12. Training in Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities.
  13. Marine Environmental Awareness
  14. Maneuver simulator and teamwork on the bridge / Shio Simulator and Bridge Teamwork.
  15. Personal Survival Techniques

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